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Goudhurst Fibre update

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Three weeks ago today, the Broadband Goudhurst Demand Led Fibre Project received full DCMS approval and already we have had over 63% of vouchers

pledged across both projects A & B for the scheme by our residents, which is a tremendous result so far.

We now need another push, to get the project over the line and bring Ultrafast Broadband into Goudhurst.

If you have already pledged your virtual voucher a big thank you for being the early bird - please could you now try to find just one other person amongst your friends who has not and explain the advantages to them.

If you have not yet pledged your virtual voucher, please take a look at the excellent FAQ we have put together of all of the questions we have been asked so far - and if your question is not there, please contact me direct and I will try to answer this for you.

Here is the link to your pledge your voucher -

Don’t forget to check the business box if your are operating a business at your address, as this will contribute £3,500 towards the target!

We have found that some residents have yet to hear about the project, so here is what we are going to be doing to publicise the project before Christmas -

1. Openreach have supplied A4 mini posters that we have asked retailers to display in their premises and we are also going to put up roadside posters at the major road junctions in the village which should be completed this week.

2. Openreach have also supplied us with a postcards and that we will be posting out to the addresses that have yet to pledge during the next few days.

3. I have been talking with our businesses and residents in the Parish to help spread the good news about this great opportunity.

4. Several residents have offered to spread the word as well, so we have formed a WhatsApp group to help coordinate this and if you would like to join, please email or message me your mobile number so we can invite you to join the group.

5. The fibre project has been posted all over our village social media and on the Goudhurst Parish Council website.

I think that is it for now and just remember - we need all the community to make this a reality for Goudhurst!

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