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TWBC electoral consultation take 2

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As you may know we have a second public consultation running until the 23 November regarding the TWBC electoral system following on from the decision of Full Council on Wednesday 5 October 2022.

Could I please encourage you to respond and comment if you have not already, it only consists of only three questions.

Unfortunately the information provided on the webpage does not explain the consequences of the decision residents are being asked to make, so before deciding please read these key points.

Reasons for choosing "All Out" elections every four years, which is what Goudhurst Parish Council recommend, include-

1. Wards could be much smaller according to geography and parish, with councillors known and accountable to their community, not just by party affiliation and it should avoid the need for 3 member, large rural wards.

2. There would be a cost saving of approx £260,000 over the four years as an election costs TWBC approx £130,000 each it is held. When TWBC is running a forecast deficit 2022-23 of £900,000 increasing to £1.8 million for 23-24, elections every year are just not affordable.

3. The elected administration of TWBC will be more stable as it will be able to outline a four year plan for a longer term strategy and have Councillors in "election mode" every year.

4. The Process is more easily understood by everyone and residents are more likely to vote, as generally they not do not want elections every year.

5. Voting for "By Thirds" will probably result in Goudhurst Parish being split up with Kilndown being added to Hawkhurst, and Goudhurst added to a vast five parish ward all the way to Matfield.

Thank you -

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