Priorities & Pledges

Prioity Checklist

My top six for our Parish and Borough are -

  1. A more effective, Independent voice for our rural communities in the Borough Council.

  2. Improve local Broadband access speeds with Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships and mobile communications for Residents and Businesses.

  3. Campaign to reduce the excesive housing targets central Government has pushed out to the Borough and to provide the urgent need for access to affordable housing for the young and elderly that live in our Parish.

  4. Help to relieve parking, traffic issues as well as improve bus routes and road safety in our villages

  5. Help protect our local environment and improve Climate change and Sustainability policies through out our Borough.

  6. More Demoracy and Transparency within the Borough - what do our Council tax payers want their money spent on and how to revitalise our Villages and Town centre.

Getting things done - for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green

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