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Priorities & Pledges

Our top six for our Parishes and Borough

Prioity Checklist
  1. Continue to work hard with the Openreach rural fibre schemes to improve Broadband access speeds for our Residents and Businesses.

  2. Campaign to reduce the excessive housing targets Government has pushed out to the Borough and challenge any new planning reforms. Also to provide the urgent need for access to affordable housing for the young and elderly that live in our Parish.

  3. Push for more Democracy and Transparency within the Borough - what do our Council tax payers want their money spent on and how to revitalise our Villages and Town centres.

  4. Campaign to protect our local environment and support polices to cut carbon emissions, in ways that are sustainable to our residents.

  5. Campaign to help relieve parking, traffic issues as well as improve bus routes and road safety in our villages.

  6. To be a more effective Independent voice for the residents in Rural Tunbridge Wells where we both have lived for many years.

Local residents say...

"...thanks again David for all your efforts for the village on this, it’s why we voted for you and I think I can say you’re probably the only elected official in a western democracy at the moment who’s actually delivering on their promises!"

"Thanks for all the hard work on this you may have just transformed our lives!"

“Dear David, Thank you so much for your hard and continued work on this project, which is much appreciated by so many in the village…."

“David, people are pleased that you’re actually delivering on a promise!” - Natasha, Kilndown

"David, Great work. Thanks you for all the hard work that you’ve put in to get us this far. Very much appreciated...."

"...Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this project.  It really will make such a difference to our rural community!"

"...Thank you very much David, for your efforts to get this organised. It is obvious how important this is now let alone how important it is going to be in the coming years so it is fantastic that we have somebody pushing for this – it is very much appreciated."

"Well done for your energy and commitment to seeing the project through and operating the Levers of Power. Thank you..."

"Your help is much appreciated - we are very lucky to have you on board as our Councillor."

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