Why The Alliance and Independent ?

In May 2019, I was regularly asked why I was standing as an Independent in the Borough elections, which just lost by 18 votes, 1% - Click here for the full results 


I believe local elections should be about local issues, not National Party issues, as these are best left to a General Election and you can read my Priorities and Pledges which are published here - https://www.david-knight.org/priorities .


I have been asked this year in the 2021 May elections, to stand again as Borough Councillor by The Alliance as their candidate for Goudhurst and Lamberhurst and there is more information about The Alliance on our webpage here - https://twalliance.com/

I have decided to work with The Alliance because they are a group of independently mindedcouncillors, free from national politics with a local focus, and we are better and stronger working together as a group. I believe that my track record since being elected as as Parish Councillor in May 2019 speaks for its self and I would like to build on these achievements.

The Alliance

This year's election will be very different to others, so if you have concerns about safety, why not register a postal vote now? - It's free and open to everyone: -https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote

Elections postal vote
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For a more effective voice in the Borough and to support your local community - vote David Knight, The Alliance

Promoted and published by Nicholas Pope, Tunbridge Wells Alliance, 4 Mountfield Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN111SG on behalf of David Knight.