Why The Alliance and Independent?

In May 2019, I was regularly asked why I was standing as an Independent in the Borough elections, which I lost by only 18 votes, 1% - Click here for the full results

I believe local elections should be about local issues, not National Party issues, as these are best left to a General Election. This year I am going to stand again for election as Borough Councillor in the 6th May local elections and I have been asked by The Alliance to be their candidate for Goudhurst and Lamberhurst.

I have decided to work with The Alliance because they are a group of independently minded councillors, free from national politics with a local focus, and we are better and stronger working together as a group. I believe that my track record since being elected as as Parish Councillor in May 2019 speaks for its self and I would like to build on these achievements. See my my Priorities and Pledges published here - https://www.david-knight.org/priorities


For a full list for of all the candidates we are fielding, see the link on our website  - https://twalliance.com/

The Alliance

This year's election will be very different to others, so if you have concerns about safety, why not register a postal vote now? - It's free and open to everyone: -https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote

Elections postal vote
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For a more effective voice in the Borough and to support your local community - vote David Knight, The Alliance

Promoted and published by Nicholas Pope, Tunbridge Wells Alliance, 4 Mountfield Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN111SG on behalf of David Knight.