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Tunbridge Wells protests again!

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Before tonights full council meeting of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council there were many very unhappy people protesting outside the Town Hall. The issues on the agenda were the futher progression of the very unpopular Calverley Square project and plans for the new theatre. Unforntunately, three hours into the meeting these most important items had not been been discussed and so it was agreed to postpone discussion on these into another meeting at a date to be arranged.

However we did hear a petition that had received over 1,400 signatures protesting about the pedestrianisation works being carried out in Monson Road at an approx cost of £1m. This has been effecting local independent retailers badly with reduced footfall and sales at a critical time of year. Many of the retailers had received little notice about these works from the Borough Council and they were also unhappy they had not been consulted about the timing of the works being carried out.

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