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Today's email from the DCMS

The DCMS have today sent out an automated email reminding residents that the gigabit voucher that funds the community fibre scheme runs out at the end of March.

Openreach knew about this in advance but where unable to stop the DCMS from sending these out and I have received over 90 emails today regarding this as understandably, residents are concerned. I am unable to respond to all these and so will be posting updates here and please pass this information on to your friends and neighbours.

I have been in discussions with Openreach this morning and they have said -

"We’re currently working with DCMS with the aim of extending the validity dates for vouchers secured for your Fibre Community Partnership  scheme that are due to expire shortly.  This is an ongoing discussion. In the interim, DCMS have informed us that they are unable to stop the expiry comms going out directly to beneficiaries this week, which is why your community will receive the emails below. These emails are going out now for those applicants whose vouchers expire by 31 March 2022.

There is no need to take an immediate action in relation to this, we are closely with the DCMS to address this position and will update you at the earliest opportunity on any remedial steps required if any."

I will post again as soon as I receive another update.

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