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Polling Day for the Goudhurst Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - Thursday February 3rd 2022

The Goudhurst Neighbourhood Plan is at the final stage in the legal process having been through two public consultations as well as an independent inspection. You have just received a polling card because the final stage in the process is a referendum of residents. The referendum will decide whether we accept or reject the proposed plan.

So what is our Neighbourhood Plan?

Our Neighbourhood Plan has 30 land-use policies that set standards for future development, addressing the specific concerns and aspirations identified by residents during plan development.

If the plan passes referendum then the policies in our plan have legal force and are first to be applied when determining planning applications before both Borough and National policies. You can downlaod a copy here -

So please do not forget to vote for the plan!

Polling Day for the Referendum is Thursday February 3rd 2022 and for residents that have elected to vote by post, these will be arriving soon.

Full information on the Tunbridge Wells Borough Councils's website here -

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