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More good news for Goudhurst fibre broadband

Today I received confirmation from Openreach that they have enough GB email vouchers returned by the community to pay for the building of project A. It has therefore has been approved to move into delivery, and the building of the fibre network can now commence. Standard build time is 12 months and I will update again as soon as more news becomes available.

If you are in project B1, the GB email vouchers have started to sent out this week, so please keep an eye out in spam/junk folders as they sometimes end up there. As soon as these have been returned this project can move into delivery.

I am still waiting on news for the last project B2.

A big thanks to everyone who spread the word and helped project A, which has been difficult, to say the least! - Any questions please contact me as usual at -

See here for more information on fibre gigabit scheme

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