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Kilndown and Slade fibre broadband go live today

I am delighted to report Openreach have confirmed today, that they have completed the installation and successfully finished the commissioning of the fibre network.

The next steps are as follows -

"Each resident should now be able to choose and order a package with the service provider from this list that suits their need and their budget up to that connectivity speed, as long as it meets the terms of the voucher scheme.

The requirements under the terms of the voucher scheme is to take an FTTP contract for a minimum of 12 months, otherwise the voucher may be rescinded. They have to double their current speed if your current speed is less than 50mbps. If the current speed is more than 50mbps, they will need s package with a minimum speed of 100mbps and properties will now be able to receive a fibre line capable of 1Gbps connectivity (1000 Mbps).

Fibre will be run to the properties following the same route as the existing cable, it can be over ground on a pole or via an underground duct. As far as the scope of the project goes, Openreach install CBTs (Connectorised Block Terminals) that will serve all the properties, these could be on a pole or in a duct within about 150m of all the properties.

The final connections to the properties will be made after the residents order service via the service provider. This is completed by our service delivery team. Our service delivery teams are co-ordinated via the service providers in terms of agreeing dates for installation.

I am so pleased that together we have been able to bring fibre broadband to Kilndown and The Slade in Lamberhurst.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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