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KCC approved additional top-up funding for Goudhurst fibre

I am pleased to confirm that the KCC have now approved additional top-up funding for the Goudhurst Demand Led Fibre Broadband project.

This is now with the DCMS waiting final approval and I have asked Greg Clark to follow through with Oliver Dowden at the DCMS office to make sure there are no delays with the approval.

As soon as Openreach have this approved by the DCMS, projects A and B will both be fully funded and will have achieved their targets. Work on the fibre network can be scheduled as soon as the voucher pledges have all been checked and it’s confirmed that we have enough valid vouchers to meet the targets.

The voucher emails will then be sent out to everyone who pledged, everyone will need to click through on the link in the voucher emails to agree the T’s & C’s.

This has been a frustrating process for us all but this is really great news for Goudhurst at the start of 2021 and thanks to everyone for their help.

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