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Goudhurst fibre project A is go!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I am please to report that project A has now reached the 100% target of pledged vouchers and after much negotiating with Openreach this week they have finally agreed that this project can continue on its own, without waiting for project B to do the same which was their original plan for Goudhurst.

This means that an email will go out next week from the DCMS to all those in project A who have pledged their voucher with the subject "Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme - action required" This sometimes ends up in spam/junk folders so keep a regular look out for this and once received the email should be read and returned as soon possible so that it can be "issued'.

Providing the total value of these when returned, match the total pledged on the website, project A will move into the delivery stage and rollout.

I have also had confirmation from Openreach that all the outstanding Goudhurst postcodes are to be included in the new April 2021 scheme, although KCC and DCMS have not confirmed what the value of vouchers will be.

I am sure the everyone in project A will be delighted with this news and I would hope that residents there will continue with whatever they can do to help increase the number of the pledges in the slower moving project B scheme and both myself and GPC will continue to do all we can to get project B over the line.

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