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Fibre for more houses in Goudhurst!

I have received notification from Openreach today that the following postcodes should now be able to order fibre broadband as the network there has been completed.

TN17 1DA

TN17 1DE

TN17 1EH

TN17 1EJ

TN17 1EL

TN17 1JG

TN17 1JJ

TN17 1JL

TN17 1JN

TN17 1LN

TN17 1LP

TN17 1LS

TN17 1LT

TN17 1LU

TN17 1LW

TN17 1LY

TN17 1LZ

TN17 1NA

TN17 2NB

TN17 2NE

TN17 2NE

TN17 2NJ

TN17 2NJ

TN17 2NP

All other projects are running on schedule and I will post again as soon as more postcodes come on line.

If this is your postcode, in the first case contact your existing service provider and ask them to connect you. Sometimes it can take a few days/weeks for this information to filter through to Service Providers from Openreach, and if they say there is "nothing showing on their system at the moment", leave it a day or two and then try again.

Alternatively please contact any of the service providers listed in the link here -

Any questions please contact me as usual at -

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