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Exciting Ultrafast broadband news!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

We have just had approval for a "Goudhurst Demand Led" scheme to proceed in principle from the head of CFP at Openreach which will follow along the same lines as other schemes Openreach have successfully rolled out in other areas. This will combine all the existing CFP schemes that residents have already registered interest in for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtidsen Green and also aims to provide fibre to every property in this area and we are now just waiting on final approval from the DCMS and the Openreach Kent delivery team. Once we have this, I will email you with a link to the Openreach website, where you will be able to "pledge" your business/residential voucher towards this scheme. We will need full support from the community and maximum number of pledges possible, as there will be a target set and as soon as it is reached the project will move forward into build, so please spread the word and if you know anyone not registered for this, please ask them to do so here - so I can include them in the next email containing the link. There will be an indicator on the Openreach website so we will be able to monitor progress and I will also keep every one updated and the best bit, if we reach the target number of properties, the build should be FOC! I have also had several people reporting to me they have received a letter from BT regarding “Universal Service” which is a separate scheme the PM has setup, to help people who receive less then 10 Mbs download. This is a separate scheme and will not exclude you from the above. More news to follow in the next few weeks.

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