About David

I decided to stand as an Independent candidate in the 2019 Borough elections to offer the residents of Goudhurst and Lamberhurst an alternative to the usual parties and to have the opportunity to have a Councillor in the Borough not tied to any particular party, focusing on local issues.


The result of this was 2nd place, losing by just 18 votes, or 1% - see here for more information.


I  have been very encouraged and moved by the support I received on the doorstep and would like to thank all those who gave me their support and voted Independent. A big thanks also to our small team of volunteers, who worked with me to ensure that our residents knew that they had the opportunity to vote for an alternative, independent candidate.


In the Parish Elections, I was nominated for the Kilndown ward and was delighted to have been elected onto the Parish Council - see here for further details.


Getting things done - for Goudhurst and Kilndown

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